Marble Tile Suppliers for Ottawa

Marble Tile Suppliers for Ottawa
Marble tile suppliers that provide service to the Ottawa area include a wide range of businesses, from large chain hardware stores to small boutique stone companies. When looking for a source for marble tiles, it's important to choose a company that's knowledgeable and reliable, and that can provide a large selection of stone to choose from. If you select the right company, you'll be sure to find marble tiles that are just right for your home!
Finding a Supplier
Today's designers and discerning homeowners are opting to use marble tiles in new and exciting ways. Formed when limestone recrystallizes under great geological pressure, marble is durable and naturally beautiful. Marble has been used for centuries for building, and is featured in architectural wonders such as the Taj Mahal and the Greek Parthenon. It is available in a myriad of colours, and a number of different finishes. Marble tile ranges in size from tiny "subway” tile to very large tiles, custom cut for large spaces. Prices also vary, depending on size, quality, and colour.
It's important to find a stone supplier that can help you to make choices based on what will work well for your living space, and your family's lifestyle. For example, large polished white marble tiles may work well for a formal dining room, while small pink honed marble tiles could be just right for a guest bathroom. Some of the factors you may need to consider may include the type of traffic in the area, the type of décor, the size of the room, and the existing subfloor. A knowledgeable stone expert will guide you through the steps necessary to make a sound decision.
What to Look for
  • A Large Showroom. When choosing a company, make sure to find one that features an extensive display of stone samples. Without this, you may not realize all of the options that are available. For most people, the word "marble” conjures up a picture of smooth white stone speckled or veined with black. Yet you can purchase marble in colours that range from yellow to burgundy, from pink to deep blue, in a variety of greens and browns, and in virtually any combination of colours. Patterning and veining can be very subtle, or bold and dramatic.
  • Knowledge. Don't go with a large hardware chain, where employees are expected to know a little bit about every product in the store. Choose a company that specializes in stone, and whose employees are experts! Often a well-established family-owned company is the best choice, since knowledge of stone is necessarily central to their company's success.
  • A Great Reputation. Find a company that has a track record. If possible, speak to a past customer or view tiles that the company has supplied.
  • Delivery System. Ensure that the company you choose provides service to your area, and that they have a fleet of trucks able to deliver your tiles in a timely fashion.
Visit a stone supplier today, and discover the natural beauty of marble floor tile!